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Is there a drug that helps with coming off norco ?

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christineATU 6 Oct 2010

Hi brodale. Is there a chance you may be able to taper down rather than quit cold turkey? A slow taper is the least painful way to go. If this isn't an option, google "Thomas Recipe" for opiate withdrawal. It will give you a list of OTC meds and supplements you will need to quit the vic's. If you can get some Advil, ImodiumAD, melonin or benadryl for sleep, that will give you a head start. Drink tons of water and urinate as often as you can. It will clear out your system quicker. Much depends on how long you've been taking them, how many mg's per day, your level of physical activity, and metabolism. Hot soaks in the tub for body aches and chills. If you could get a mild benzo for restlessness, this will help too until you can get over the initial phase of wd's. You'll need a calm, dark environment and lots of cotton T's as you will sweat a lot. That's why it's vital you stay as hydrated as possible.

brodale316 6 Oct 2010

Awesome thanks so much,

oxyaaron 6 Oct 2010

suboxone, subutex and also methadone but i would recomend methadone becase that is a strong medication and far far more addictive

Inactive 7 Oct 2010

And as soon as you can and are physically able, please start some mild but regular exercise, it will help release endorphins, the feel good brain chemicals, it will help regulate the eat/sleep/ wake cycles and it will help reboot the damaged parts of the brain ( opiates do some damage to the brain, but it can be fixed) to heal and come back "online." free discount card

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