At what amount can I stop? I decided to quit vicodin and opiods again. This is my 4-5th time around and I went to the Dr. to get Suboxone. He wanted me to come to his ofice 3 days per week and will only sell me pills each day (Total BS!) He told me that he wants me on it for 3-5 years! I have 3 pills, 8mg, (his one day supply) and want to kick by using just them. Obiously being a kickin vet, I know better then to get addicted to Subox. QUESTION: Is there a conversion to gauge what a suboxone is equal to? At what amount can I stop them and be likely safe from wd's? I was a 100mg vic per day user, he gave me a full 8 mg subox at his office yesturday. I only took 2mg this morning