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Is there a connection between weight gain and hydrocodone i've put on over 10lb in the last 2month?

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Rajive Goel 16 Nov 2011

Hydrocodone - weight gain has not been a reported side effect of this med., maybe your doc who prescribed it would be the best person to give you a more accurate answer.

Take care, best wishes!

Anonymous 16 Nov 2011

Depends on if you use it for REAL pain relief or just for recreational. It can give you the munchies I suppose if used for the high. Just a thought...

cetteferge 17 Nov 2011

My answer is yes. That was my experience, because it slows down your bp, your breathing rate, your metabolism, and your elimination. I slowly gained weight for years, and it was tough to lose because it had affected my metabolism. Others may have had a different experience, but it also affected my thyroid after many years. I would use caution if you're prone to weight gain, and just be aware of those things. Ask your Dr. to be sure, but they aren't always aware of the experiences of people, and typically go by what they've learned out of a book, which isn't always real life! Good luck!

geekygranny 17 Nov 2011

I've been on it for several years and know that my weight gain was based on hypothyroid I've had since I was a teenager (which they just discovered now again that I have it--geez) and also from prednisone and gabapentin.

I don't take Norco except recently (like yesterday) because I just had surgery on my knee. I used it primarily as a breakthrough pain reliever. So I can't say it put weight on me.

I would say weight gain could be from any sources around Norco like it makes you more tired, fatigue, so you don't do as much to burn calories.

Would need more info as to why you take it, if you work, things like that. Have to have a more holistic point of view surrounding your activities when taking it. free discount card

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