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Is there a blood test that can diagnose fibromyalgia? I didn't think so but I heard this mentioned?

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mslee83 13 Sep 2009

I dont beleive so. i was tested for everything under the sun, lupus, hiv, emg, nerve tests, mri's, sarcoidosis, etc. I went to the er on numerous occasions and I went to plenty of dr's. you can read my original post for details. I guess it took a process of elimination before the diagnosis. It was not until I had spent a lot of money b4 I was able to find out what it was. I have never heard of a specific test although I wish there was one. I had a ton of other symptoms that are all just symptoms... not an illness.

Inactive 13 Sep 2009

I recently heard about a blood test called APA Assay (Anti-Polymer Antibody Assay), that will help doctors diagnosis fibromyalgia. It is not yet available because the test is undergoing clinical trials to meet FDA approval. free discount card

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