I am a 24 year old female who was a heroin user from the age of 19 until 22.. I have been on suboxone off and on through recovery but in the last 2 years i have been on a suboxone regiment that has been steady 4-8mg. I have been through alot, i recently had a baby while on suboxone/subutex.. and went through alot of life changes.. My husband has lost his job and now we have no insurance.. I do not know how it will be trying to get more suboxone but my whole thing now is to stop.. I have stopped before and had horrible w/d and went back on it.. but now i truely need help.. I take about 4mg a day now and have 32mg left.. I am guessing what i should do is start taking 2mg.. and slowly stop.. Its scary to think of what will happen.. I have to take care of an 8month old baby as well as keep up my household.. I guess im just scared.. i know i didn't make it through before.. but i want to so bad now.. plus i can't afford over $500 uninsured medication as well as the doctor trip.. please any advice is greatly appreciated :/