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Is their a medication to get you off suboxone. what do you do if your addicted to suboxone?

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Inactive 18 Jul 2010

Hi oopsy, I am no expert on suboxone, but I shall attempt to answer your question. I believe one must taper off of sub's. You do not tell us why you are taking suboxone, so I will guess that you were addicted to opiates??
You can give us more info by "commenting", if you like. We can help much better with more info.
Wishing you the best,

Inactive 18 Jul 2010

You need to taper the suboxone down to .25 milligrams and begin to skip days in between doses. I have found that lowering my dose every few weeks caused no ill effects at all. Yes, there are some ways to get off suboxone with other meds. For info on this way, go to and look up New Beginnings detox and watch the videos that Dennis Hansen narrates on getting off suboxone. He mentions the medications they use. There is another great channel there called SuboxDoc ( Dr Jeffrey Junig) and he has a forum, a website, and videos about suboxone. I found these videos to be great and informative. free discount card

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