My boyfriend is recovering from a 5+ year pain pill addiction. I know in my heart that he wants to be done with them. I'm just unsure if he has the will. I've caught him, I've allowed him to let me think one was okay, I've stressed the severity of the issue, I've given him an ultimatum. He lives with me as well as his two boys. I turned into a wife and a stepmom because well life happened. So I've been adjusting, because I believe we have what it takes to make it. The addiction may be the wedge though. Just the other day we went to visit my brother and his fiance. She takes some medication for anxiety and my boyfriend knows this. Anyway, he was going behind my back asking her for some and to be quite honest when she told me I was completely embarrassed. I had no words. I thought it was done, over, finished. I confronted him with it and he was taken by surprise. He then apologized and admitted that he has dreams about using. How can I make things better for him because it seems like everyday he's walking a fine line between good and evil.