I have sever gastric problems and a broken hip and 7 hurniated discs in my back including 3 fusions of the L4/ L5/S1 and they need too do the C6/ and the T3&4. I have been on the .OC version on the drug for 5 years and this new OP version is causing extream nausea and cramps. I was not informed of the change and need too return too the OC version. Is this possible or must I go thru finding another pain killer. I take 3 80 Mgs. in the morning and 3 at nite along with hydromorphone #4 for break thru pain. my hip is still open granulating gradually together and packing this 5 inch long incision is a real treat as you can imagine so this constant nausea is not good. I am deamed medicly dependatnt by an addictionoligest and see pain specialist because of this large amount of medication that I must take for any kind of relief, What do you sugest? I have been thru all of the major pain medications and the Oxicontin is the best one. I cannot get more than a 6 on a 1 too 10 scale and be concious for the last 6 years. I am not a drug seeker looking for information I need a real ansewer