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Is the Intal inhaler still being made. I can not find it (walgreens or CVS) HELP?

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Marvell 7 Nov 2009

I'm sure the Intal Inhaler 0.8mg/inhalation is still being made. Don't know if there is a supply issue at the moment.

lgschorr 2 Dec 2009

I called King Pharmaceuticals in Bristol, TN, who are the manufacturers of Intal. The person whom I spoke to told me that they are discontinuing the drug because it's not "green." The propellants are bad for the environment. She said that the company that manufactured it for them, Sanofi Aventis, stopped making it after their contract expired. Sanofi Aventis told me that they stopped dealing with King Pharmaceuticals in 2002. I don't know how accurate any of this information is. Intal is a wonderful drug, which eliminated all asthma symptoms, and has minimal, or no, side effects. If anyone has any information or ideas about this, I'm very interested. This is a serious, unexpected problem.

rmdelg 12 Dec 2009

Intal Inhaler is not produced in the US any longer due to its CFC containing propellant (Kings Pharma used to be supplier). Sanofi-Aventis continues to produce it in UK (they have a CFC-free version), you can get it through CanAmerica, or other Canadian outfits. It will take weeks (3-4) to get it in and they need a prescription to be faxed to them from a reputable physician in the US free discount card

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