As I read through these posts, I am in shock I keep thinking do the Americans have a different way of measuring the mg? (lol) I was only on Oxy's for 6 months after an accident, no shooting or anything, snorted a few, but also took orally, and when I struggled to get off, my Suboxone doctor stabilized me at 32 mg!! From what I am reading here that sounds insane, like people are saying they went on Subs for 3 weeks, started at 4mg, and then down to 2 etc etc... I started at 32, and one year later, I am down to 12mg, but I have been on Subs 6 months longer the the Oxy's? The fee for the first visit was $600 and the Subs cost me about $300/month everything else is free. But in Canada, you cannot take a month script home, I go to the pharmacy every Monday/Thursday and they witness me taking it, and then I have earned my carries the rest of the days, what is this madness of taking home 30 days worth??

So I have contacted Rob about setting up a taper plan for me, I did read his plan, but to be honest I was confused, I didn't understand the induction part but I think he meant right from the opiates or w/e drugs someone was on. I want to take this as slow as possible, because money is not an issue, but I also run my own dog hiking business and I have to be up and ready for 5-10 km a day (5 miles average) with 14-16 dogs, so being sick is just not an option, I mean for a few days yes but not for months.

It is so ODD that we would be convinced that we should take an addictive medication to get off an addictive medication. But let me tell you the only reason Subs are addictive in my opinion and because you feel like shit when you don't take them, I mean I'm not going to a Sub party anytime soon.

I just want off this, summer is coming and I HATE going to the pharmacy every 3rd day, I see clients, i always have to lie, oh why the urine test, oh I have a bladder infection, like seriously I have had 20 B-infections in a year. So if anyone has any ideas how to get off this slowly, where should I go from 12mg, I take 8 at 2pm, and 4 at 11 pm. I find breaking it up helps a lot. I also wanted to say to all of you, this life, this journey is going to be filled with many mistakes, guilt, happiness, and joy, don't ever think you wasted any part of your life, because of a drug. Whatever you have gone through has created who you are today, April 11, 2011, this moment. So yes the Oxy's were a bad idea after an accident, but I didn't know, and this is not a simple drug, or a plant, this drug is made by Harvard grads with PHd's in Pharmaceuticals and chemistry, so if you ever feel weak, trying to get off, just keep that in mind, they use the brightest and best to create a drug that kicks opiate WDs and keeps you coming back for more, it is not your fault. Numbing pain, emotionally or physically in our life, is a knee jerk reaction, come on who wants pain? It is a very human thing to do, and being here means you are a survivor and a warrior because you feel you deserve it, and you DO!