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Is the brand name Synthroid being discontinued ?

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Inactive 19 Sep 2011

I have not heard this. Where did you hear it if you don't mind me askinI take synthorid, my doc will not let me take the genaric. thanks Von-1

fighting for life 19 Sep 2011

One of my drs staff told me that when she pulled it up on my chart when I called in for a refill. I asked what it meant and she said either the drug was being discontinued or she was taking me off it and I know she wouldnt be taking me off it. Ive had a thyroid disorder for 20+ years and all my radiation caused severe damage to it. So, I wondered if for some reason it was being pulled off the market. Is the brand name really noticably better? How?
thanks,fighting for life

Inactive 19 Sep 2011

I don't knw how much diffrent it is, just know he will not let me take it. If you hear anything else please let me know and I will you too. Thanks Von-1

fighting for life 26 Sep 2011

No problem, Im seeking a new primary care Dr. because of this, I'll let you know what I find out !!

Inactive 26 Sep 2011

Fight thanks, keep in touch and also let me know how you are doing. Von

fighting for life 27 Sep 2011

I will keep you posted and thank you!! free discount card

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