In 2005 I decided I was going to start a relationship with OPIATES. Three years later INGESTING 300mg daily just to feel normal. I had enough. I was determined to stop. I went cold turkey. With out a doubt the most physically and mentally exhausting experience ever. Cold turkey right after after Christmas in 08. I think it was July before I cracked a smile.

So after a long process i really got my stuff together. Couldn't believe how long it took. I spent the next year sober.

Fast forward, summer 2010, I wanted to rekindle my relationship with my former lover. So I decided to spend a weekend with her. By Sunday we were BACK IN LOVE . For the next five months I didn't spend one day sober.

Remembering the hell I lived for almost seven months I was terrified. So I decided I was going to start on the Suboxone program. A friend told me wonderful things about it, so I called a local DR he seen me the next day. Since, I have been on 16 mg daily. Never missing a dose, beautiful. Here's where it becomes interesting for me.

Suboxone has wonder benefits , but it also has a lot of side effects. So i decided i wanted to start the taper process. The DR wanted me to decrease my dose from 16mg to 12mg for the next 6 weeks. I was completely on board. after leaving his office i started to think geez that's gonna take years.

So for the next two weeks I read at least 5000 threads on tapering. I found one common taper between all these people that seemed to be the most pleasent (THE ROBERT METHOD).

I stop taking my subs. I prepared A 8mg strip into 16 pieces. Each PIECE being .5mg. 'My' theory was to go into horrific withdrawls and take one of these .5mg pieces each hr to see what the lowest dose I could maintain to feel normal on. Then start the ROBERT taper process HOPEFULLY from a much lower dose ONCE I STABILIZED. I think it makes sense.

Its 7 days later and i never had to take one of these pieces. Don't get me wrong it its not the most comfortable feeling on earth but definitely not that bad . I jumped off 16mgs daily for the last 8 months and feel good 7 days later.