I have been reading these for a year now and have never joined in as I have noticed many can be very judgmental and cruel. In anycase I am giving in as 1 year ago I suffered a massive trauma to my body adn fell over 110 feet from a bridge and suffered numerous injuries including dis-locating my hip. I have been tapared from Oxcicontins to Oxcicodones to Hydrocodones and am on 7-10 a day. I found out yesterday that I am pregnant and am terrified that this is going to affect the helpless life growing inside of me and fear the possabilities. I immediately called my Dr. yesterday as soon as I knew and he said NO, do not stop taking anything except the syraquil, continue youre Lyrica, Soma, Klonopin and Hydrocodone and I will see you next week. I called an OBGYN who advised do as your doctor said and we can see you as soon as 2 weeks .. HELP, I cannot go 2 more weeks taking ten tens a day knowing I have a child in me, it doesnt seem OK :( :( please just advice I do not need the judgmental comments - thank you