I have been abusing hydro/oxy for about 4 months. I currently am taking about 100-120 mg of oxy in the form of percocet 10/325 (just because that's what I could get my hands on) Before that it was Vicodin... whatever I can get. My tolerence is skyrocketing. I have tried to taper before unsuccessfully. I also bought 3 8mg suboxone pills off the street for "emergency purposes". Basically in case my contacts run out. I've never taken suboxone before in my life; my experience with the drug is solely internet information and talking to someone who is, and has been, in the maintenece stage for a long time. Is it possible to detox from the oxy using suboxone, or is the drug too powerful for this situation. My thoughts were to: 1. get dopesick, 2. take 1 mg sub, 3. taper very quickly (hopefully before issues of tolerence to the subs start), and 4. jump off within a week. I am a professional and cannot put a few days together to take time off and detox cold turkey. I also am terrified of any and every withdrawal symptom. I am assuming that because I have only been using for about 4 months that things will happen quickly... or is the suboxone too strong... and that will give me problems? I appreciate ANY help you folks could give me!!! :)