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Is soma a narcotic?does it show up in a drug test?

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suzanne66 10 Aug 2011

No Soma is not a narcotic. The active ingredient is called carisoprodol. Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer.
It is not tested for in standard urine drug tests.

sangeez2005 12 Mar 2012

Yes JAN 1 they MADE soma controlled substance. And it will show UP on drug test as soma shows UP as dihydrocodeine I JUST FOUND this out

echo08 13 Mar 2012

I think whether or not Soma is a controlled substance depends on what state u live in. My understanding is not all states have decided it is & even in the ones that it is considered a controlled substance, the schedule differs. As far as it showing up in a drug test, that depends on what ur being drug tested for. If it's 4 a job, they may or may not be looking 4 it. If its 4 a PM doc, then yeah, they're probably looking. I'm sorry - wish I had a more helpful answer! free discount card

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