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Is seraquel good for pain?

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mpvt 26 Feb 2010

Haven't heard it used for pain before... Dave

itsmetoo2 26 Feb 2010

The use in application to chronic pain is sometimes applied for its' affect on mood, depression and insomnia.

I hope this helps you

JohnySmith 26 Feb 2010

no, as far as I know this drug is not used for pain

kimmie1 27 Feb 2010

My answer is, did you get it from a doctor? Did he tell you it was for pain? These are not hard questions. They should be asked everytime you go to the doctor. Really, not trying to be rude, but some of these questions are common sense. I love everyone, but write down your questions, don't be afraid to ask the doc these questions. That is what they get paid for. Lots of luck my friend. kimmie1

subzero58 2 Mar 2010

thanks kimmie1, someone realy needed to say that. people go to there doctors and never question what there getting, they complain what's this for on line, but never where it realy counts,in the doc office. some people forget that besides being a doctor, they are also businessmen. with bills just like everyone else...

subzero58 2 Mar 2010

some drugs like thorizeen,elivil,seraquil and other psyc drugs are used in concert with opiates and even by themselves for pain. they attach to brain receptors the same way suboxone or even opiates do. free discount card

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