i was just perscribed saphris today 10mg 2xs a day i have been on prob every med there is for depression bipolar manic ect that there is also had ect treatments done im on liuthium and zanzx right now i didn't want this med only because i have been on so many meds for so many yrs and didn't want to have to try another one that would or could make me worse or mostly make me gain weight for yrs i had to struggle with those meds making me gain alot of weight witch intern made me more depressed i also have a 1 yr old daughter that i am with all day.. so my questions are is it a weight gainer that anyone could let me know of and will it make me sleep alot or interfere with taking care of her... this was a first time seeing this dr in witch he wanted me to try this hope he knows a lil of my sittutation to want this he didn't ask much i don't know i have read all the comments people left and sounded really great i want to feel happy and excited about things again and not stay in the house all day everyday i feel hopless and like im in that dark place again and i don't want to it to take ahold of me again plus i want my relashionship to get better to where is was before my conditins ruin it thanks and any help would be great