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Is suboxone used for pain?

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DzooBaby 4 Apr 2011

Yes, it can be used for pain but not usually in an outpatient setting. It is usually used in outpatient settings as a treatment for opioid dependence.

DzooBaby 4 Apr 2011

Actually Subutex is used for pain. Suboxone is used more for opioid dependence.

Thebyrdman 6 Apr 2011

Exactly suboxone is primarily used for opiate dependence, whereas subutex is used for pain and opiate dependence. Ofcourse subutex is the same substance as suboxone,(buprenorphine), it just doesn't have the second ingredient, Naloxone - which is an opiate blocker that rarely has any effect anyways.

LaurieShay 5 Apr 2011

hey ibarlowe,

As Dzoo baby explained Suboxone is used for opiate detox while one of the active ingredients in Suboxone called buprenorphine is used for pain relief in the form of patches called Butrans or as intravenous injection such as would occur in the hospital.

NewYorkGuy44 5 Apr 2011

Well, it can be used for pain, but the real reason for the drug Suboxone, is that it is used for physical dependency to any kind of pain killers or Opiates.It has been very successful for people who have abused opiates, and who are now trying to get there lives back on track. You know how when Heroin addicts want to quit using, they sign up for the Methadone Clinic.Suboxone is the same thing, instead of people being addicted to Heroin, they are addicted to Pain Medication, such as Oxycontin, and other Narcotics. Suboxone helps them get off of the pills they have been taken, and in time, that person will be as good as new, do to Science, and the great new Drugs they come up with.
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