She had her 1st TIA on 1/30/11 and the Neurologist changed it to a siezure after the EEG. She has been on Depakote 500mg at night along with Ativan 10mg. and in the morning she takes Depakote 250mg and Peroxatine 20mg.
She had a total hip replacement on 4/15/11 and 3 days in hospital and moved to ManorCare for therapy until 5/3/11 and I took her home because
they were giving her too many MEDS and she was a zombie and incoherent.
They gave her the same Depakote twice daily along with {Peroxatine and Haldal and Ativan..She had home therapy until 6/1/11 and then out patient therapy until June 30 and had been taking same medicines and a psychiatrist
took her off everything but Depakote and gave her DEPLIN(Folic Acid), brain food to get her memory loss back, and because she was not getting any anxiety or depression medicine her family doctor talked to the Psychiatrist and as of 7/5/11 they added RITALIN 5mg 3 times a day and
she still has memory loss and does not feel any better. So for a week she has been taking Depakote and Ativan at night and Depakote, Deplin15mg and Ritalin 3X in morning. She is 73 and heart and B/P in good control. The main thing is we want her memory back and she has trouble sleeping. She does take otrin PM at night if she cannot go to sleep within an hour laying in bed. Please help and give me questions to ask doctor how to proceed with the MEDS.
Thank you
Dicky Dean