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Is Risperidone and Seroquel really bad for older dementia patients?

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1 Oct 2009

Jimanei; OMG yes these medications are not to be used on patients with dementia. When the Dr's at the hospital where my dad was tried to put him on these meds I did some major research. There are long term affects on their memory. These meds can also cause them to become combative and if the dementia is the beginning of Alzheimers it could make the disease progress faster. Please, think carefully about letting anyone with dementia take these meds. there are safer more effective ones out there. The only downfall is that they will make them drowsy, also do NOT let the Dr's put this person on Haldol, this medication is just as if not more dangerous.

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bodemis 2 Jan 2011

Thank-you I have my mother in a tempt. nursing home and their doctor is perscriving my mother Risperidone and Hydrococortis one ???

2 Oct 2009

I agree totally with shaneysmom. My dad was on Seroquel and Ativan on a daily basis
He was given Haldol by injection when his aggression became unmanageable.
Approximately 1 month after the injections started my dad passed away - he developed pneumonia (which I have read is a side effect from Haldol). I wish now I had read up on Haldol the first time I was told it was being used. There are sites that cite warnings about NOT giving this drug to demential patients.

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