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Is Percocet an inti-inflammatory drug?

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teal 14 Feb 2010

No percocet's are not an anti-inflammartory drug. It has tylenol in it,which of course is not an anti inflammatory. I know because i have taken these for 2 years,and they have to also give me something for inflammatory. hope this helped some:) you can go to the drug checker above and type in percocet and it will tell you everything you need to know about that drug:) good luck!

Psychmajor 14 Feb 2010

you can take Ibuprofin along with this med (small dose) about an hour-hour and a half after perc. dosage

teal 14 Feb 2010

That's the first thing i thought of because percocet's dont have that in it,lol,good advice there,try that and see how it goes!

barbles2413 18 Feb 2010

No it has tylenol not ibuprophen in it tylenol is not an anti-inflamatory free discount card

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