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Is Oxycontin stronger than Morphine Sulphate ?

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LaurieShay 31 Jan 2011

Hey Helumbi,

Both these meds are for moderate to severe pain and both come in extended or regular forms. As far as comparing them, it depends on the number of mgs you are speaking of.

How much oxy and how much morophine sulfate? Your doctor can do the comparison for you the most safe way.

caringsonbj 4 Feb 2011

hello Helumbi, the doctors have what is known as a converter chart when changing from one pain medication to another they compare the amount or dose you are on and give you what is equal to this, it really isn't a matter of which is stronger what works for one person may not work as well for another, it's important to have a good doctor who is use to dealing with chronic pain, doctor's who do this are use to making the conversions and are comfortable when making necessary changes, it's what 's best for you that is the important thing. with best wishes,

kittycatgirl2 10 Jan 2012

I believe if you are matching mg per mg oxy is stronger, but morphine sulphate comes in generic.

Inactive 31 Jan 2011

According to my doctor, Oxy is not as strong as morphine. Oxy is a three a day medication, and morphine is a 12 hour med. I had to go off of Oxy, and onto morphine sulfate er because of the new oxy formula. It did not work, and it did not agree with me at all. The doctor actually put me on morphine three times a day instead of two, and told me that it was much stronger. Although I did not have to adjust to the change, I am finding even with the stronger dose of morphine that my pain is NOT controlled as well as oxy. So it really depends on your body, and your systems. Some get no relief from oxy, and swear by morphine. Others swear by dilauded, which does NOTHING at all for my pain. It is a matter of what works for YOU which is better, not stronger.

roxyking 13 Feb 2011

very good answer, pure morphine is ok, but mscontin or generic morphine sulfate, you cant break them down, therefore you cant get the full dose like you can crushing ROXY, OR OC..on the black market, a roxicodone 30mg, is $20 to $25, but you cant give mscontin, (sulfate) away, its worthless..if you prefere morphine, get Kadian 100mg..thats pure morphine, without the sulfate...

sglane53 8 Mar 2011

Just though that I'd mention that I agree with your saying that the amount or relief one gets from a particular pain med depends on the individual and what works for them. I've been on one form or another of presription morphine for 6 years and have settled on m-eslon as it works the best for me. In my opinion you can take all the oxycontin there is and toss it - it does nothing for me. That's probably a bit of a stretch but it doesn't work even close to as well as the morphine and tends to lose it's effect quickly. However, I have several acquaintances ( who also suffer from chronic pain issues ), who feel exactly the opposit) - they swear by oxycontin.
I was wondering where the person, who commented on the black market in his reply, is living. He stated that ms-contin had no value where he lives, in this area they are worth 10 to 15 dollars for 30mg. Just goes to show how things vary fron one region to another,

christineATU 31 Jan 2011

Hi Helumbi, the first 2 answers are right. It depends on the mg's and if you get the reformulated oxycontin. MS Contin, depending on the strength, can control pain quite well for up to 6 hours, sometimes longer. A breakthrough pain med is usually prescribed along with it. If the pain you have is acute, you may not need these types of meds. A shorter acting one like norco may be better. But for chronic pain, MS Contin can work well depending on if the mg is strong enough.

best wishes,

Helumbi 1 Feb 2011

Hi Chris, It's my husband who takes Oxy he was on Morphine 140mgs twice daily with oramorph for breakthrough pain. He was changed to Oxycontin 90mgs twice daily and he has gone from being able to move around to almost bedbound. He is a very large man around 22st its heartbreaking to see him this way. The drs don't seem to understand his plight even though he tries to explain. He has been to pain management and that doesn't seem to be of any help all they want to do is reduce his medication which I can understand, but as he struggles to get to the appts and gets no positive help he has stopped going. It seems that Oxycontin doesn't work for him, but try telling the drs that it seems that all he is doing is causing himself more grief and becoming a nuisance to them. We don't know which way to turn at the moment. Forgot to mention that I am also disabled and in great pain, so it is double wammy !

christineATU 1 Feb 2011

Do your husband's oxycontin pills have the OC or OP imprint on them? If they are OP, why would the doctors be so surprised they aren't working on his pain? If they have other patients on this formula, certainly they have complained about these meds to the doctors. They do NOT work the way the old ones did. As a matter of fact, many have complained about finding the pill, undissolved, in their stool. Thousands of people on the new OP are not getting pain relief. Let his doctors know (if they are the OP) this new version is not controlling pain! Request they put him back on medication that you know worked for him. They are NOT beholden to Perdue Pharmaceuticals! This is very irritating to many people prescribed this med. Not only is it the same price as the old version, they don't work near as well. Please call his doctors and tell them. He does not need to be in this much pain.

best wishes,

caringsonbj 1 Feb 2011

like Laurie says it's kind of like comparing apples and oranges, it is all about the mg dose sorry I couldn't be of more help

arcanoidcyst16 11 Feb 2011

yep very true!!

MDgirl21 4 Feb 2011

I was wondering the same thing. Does MS Contin work better than OxyContin? I hear of many more problems with addiction with OxyContin, but in reality, those of us suffering with chronic pain & are on long term opiate treatment, we are addicted in the sense that we could not just "stop" taking these meds without suffering withdrawal symptoms, which I would never want any human being to deal with. I am on MS Contin 30 mg every 12 hours, plus Percocet 10/325 every 8 hours & methadone 170 mg daily, which I really want to get away from...

roxyking 13 Feb 2011

you are wasting your time, money, and pills... if your on that high a dose of methadone, it blocks the other opiates... you might as well stay on the morphine, and sell they rest, cause scientificaly, your just taking sugar pills...

Inactive 13 Feb 2011

Actually, using opiod rotation is a really good way to get better coverage, with less opiods. It tookme off of Methadone and put me on a MUCH lower dose of Oxycontin, if this helps.

DzooBaby 10 Feb 2011

According to a converter this dose you describe is about right. 140mg of morphine compares to about 70mg OxyContin with a 25% reduction for cross tolerance (which most Drs will use) according to a converter chart I use (link below). As others have mentioned though, the new formulation of OxyContin isnt worth squat! It just plain does not work nearly as well.

oxyaaron 11 Feb 2011

Mg for Mg oxycontin is stronger.

Kronicpain 15 Sep 2012

When taken Orally oxycontin is about 1.5-2x stronger than morphine.I.V wise morphine is stronger and a more potent analgesic.oxy's bioavailability is between 76 and 86% roughly whereas morphine's is like if in tablet form 20mg of oxy is worth about 50-60mg of morphine.morphine reacts to the u opioid receptors more than k opioid receptors(which is what oxy does) so tends to produce more broader spectrum of side effects like drowsiness, slowed breathing and euphoria at equianalgesic doses.thats why a lot of people prefer oxycontin as it can be less drowsy or foggy effect, and why the dosage when switched from oxy to morphine will probably be on the lower side of 40 to start with, but everybody is different... free discount card

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