This is probably a stupid question, topic, as I am not addicted nor have ever been addicted. My boyfriend after many fights and many horrible situations is finally in rehab for opanas because he could not do it on his own. He was a heroin addict many years ago before I had met him. I am so clueless on this drug and its effects and everything else... I just know that I watched him completely ruin his life, go down in a downward spiral, and extremely negatively effect my life. It was such a crazy transition from when we got together to now. I suppose that is why I stuck around because I have faith in him and know that who I know he is, is still there somewhere deep. Can someone please educate me on what the hell this drug is and why it is the devil... and is there anything I can do other than be supportive to help him out with this... It has made our lives turn upside down on so many levels it is unreal and heartbreaking.