my mother started to take this antibiotic on Tuesday, Aug. 17. She said that she started to feel the heaviness approximately a couple of hours after taking the first dosage. Five hours after the first dosage, she took the second dosage. As day went into night, her legs felt like very heavy led, & she couldn't walk good.

The next day she took one dosage & felt the same thing. She's been off the medicine since yesterday & feels fine. She called her new doctor, the infectious disease specialist & told his nurse over the phone this morning what she's been experiencing. The nurse gave the doctor the wrong information. Instead of telling the doctor that my mom experienced heaviness in her legs, the nurse said that my mom's legs were swollen. Anyway, my mom told the nurse that none of her other medications has caused her to feel the way she did since taking this antibiotic. My mom's next appt to see the doctor again is next week Tuesday.