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Is norco 5/325 more like a percocet or a vicodine?

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beanmarie 29 May 2010

petester813, I was just passing by and saw that your question was unanswered and I can give some input (though not a great deal) as to differences between Norco and Vicodin. Basically, they are pretty much the same drug (hydrocodone). Norco is a stronger version and I think has a different ibuprofin in it (though I'm not sure of that). I went from the high strength vicodin to the high strength norco (10/35) and believe me, there is quite a difference as far as strength goes. I know that percocet is strong, but I am allergic to it, so I don't have first-hand knowledge of it and can't give you a comparison. I am sorry I have no more info for you about this, but since you can't get an answer from anyone else on this site, I would recommend you do a google search for Norco vicodin comparison, and scroll down until you find the Mayo Clinic site. They should have the complete answer that I'm sure you want. Good luck, and God bless. Check back, you may still get an answer here. I sure hope so. I hope I helped a little bit anyway. I just really don't like to see someone's question ignored. You shouldn't have to wait very long for an answer. n Take care. I am beanmarie free discount card

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