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Is Neurpath- B a good generic for Metanx?

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2 Jul 2010

Can you plaese check the spelling and get back to me.

jereco 2 Jul 2010

The one is Metanx I take for peripheral neuropathy. It is high in B-12 & Folic Acid. Requires a script. the generic is Neurpath-B; it also requires a script! I know the spelling looks odd but is correct. Jereco

Anonymous 2 Jul 2010

This is what i can come up with... could not find anyhting else sorry I hope it helps:
The Generic name of Metanx is L-Methylfolate with Vitamins B6 and B12 But it is very tough to get the generic one. Ssk your pharmasist matbe they might guide you in the right direction-

I wish more than good luck my friend.

8 Jul 2010

Please let me first identify myself as a member of the Metanx brand team.

Neurpath B is not an equivalent to Metanx.

One of the primary ingredients in Metanx is Metafolin (as L-methylfolate calcium), the pure stable crystalline form of folate preferred by the body

Neurpath B features Xolafin, which is supplied from China. This manufacturer is not cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by Chinese or U.S. governments.

Independent laboratory testing demonstrates that Xolafin, when incorporated into the same formula as Metanx is unstable, and falls out of specification in the first month.

To learn more please visit the following link and view the correspondence sent to wholesalers and retail pharmacies:

We understand the value and quality of pharmaceuticals is critical to you and we wanted to provide you with this information.

17 Aug 2010

"Neurpath-B" is currently purported to be the generic equivalent now commonly substituted for "Metanx." Prior to the marketing of Neurpath-B, the generic equivalent substituted for Metanx was known as "Folast." BOTH of these purported substitutes are/were manufactured by Brookstone Pharmaceuticals, now under ownership of Acella Pharmaceuticals.

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