Need opinions if my soon to be ex is addicted to percocet. Here are a few facts and details. Thanks in advance for your help!! Great Website!

1. Been married 4 years. Were joined at the hip when we first met and loved each other very much.

2. Our Daughter was born 2 years into the marriage. Wife did everything she was suppose to during the pregnancy. Very excited about being a Mother.

3. Wife is a stay at home Mom and 6 Months (June 2009) after Daughter is born, wife says shes depressed and has migraines. The percocet begins. I'm not sure how much.

4. January 2010 her Dad commits suicide but she hasn't had a relationship or conversation with him in over 8 years. She says this has made her depression deeper.

5. I'm noticing her sleeping all the time and acting a bit strange. Disconnected from out Daughter.

6. Fast forward to Novemember 2010..She now has lost 70 lbs. Looks very sick.

7. I find 270 percocet pills from 2 different doctors, 2 different pharmacys, filled 5 days apart. I confront her and she tells me she not addicted and they are off limits to me. I finally got her to allow me to count them. She was average 7.5 pills/day.

8. I get a letter in the mail from my insurance company voicing their concern of her useage and listed all the drs., pharmacys, dates and qty.'s and they were sending letters to all the Drs. shes received percocet from

9. October - December she received 720 Percocet over that 90 day period and shes now complaining her shoulder hurts but after 3 MRI's Drs. can't find anything wrong and send her to pain management dr.

10. After seeing pain management for 90 days, dr. asks to see her pain pill bottle and notices 2 types of percocet pills then leaves the room and returns to make her sign a contract. This sends the wife into extreme anger. Wife no longer shes this dr. after she signed the contract.

11. Fast forward to May 2011. Receive another letter from insurance. January to march see gets 650 percocet during this 90 day period. From muliple doctors and pharmacys. Still complaining of shoulder pain and migraines.

12. May 2011 shes complaining of migraine so my Dad offers her a percocet so she decides to take the bottle..not a pill or two but actually takes the bottle. Dad is shocked. He has them due to repeat kidney stones and there were 14 pills in the bottle.

13. Wife's been out the house since January staying with her parents due to my concern over our daughters safety while i'm at work.

14. July 2011. I see no improvement so I file for temp. child custody and divorce. Court coming up soon. She totally ok with the divorce and seems to have no care in the world.

15. Loses a 34 year friendship over her behavior and attitude. Friend says they're done!!

16. Her Mom is way overprotective and doesn't think she has a problem.

17. Been to pharmacy many times and told its too early to fill. Shes told me many times she couldn't drive because she took her migraine pills (percocet)

18. Several family and friends have noticed her problem.

19. She has lots of anger towards me and several family members.
Sorry for being so long but wanted everyone to have the details. Now to the questions:

1. Does it appear she's hooked on percocet?

2. Do most addicts have no care in the world for loved ones?

3. Why is everything my fault?

4. If she got clean, would she return to her old self?

5. What does it take for her to realize she has a problem.