Two years ago, my husband was put on suboxone to get off Tramadol (he should never have been put on suboxone to get off Tramadol but that is a whole other story). So anyway, 25 days ago my husband went into a drug rehab to get off the suboxione. For the first year and a half, he had been on 6 mgs a day. In the last 6 months, he was on 2 mgs a day before he went into rehab. He was in the rehab center for 4 days to help with the acute symptoms. During the time in the rehab center and about two weeks after leaving the rehab center, he was cold all the time, anxiety, inability to sleep, sneezing, tired, joint pain, etc. His only relief was hot baths or hot tub. Although the symptoms are much better now, he still can't sleep without Ambien and is depressed and tired. He owns his own business and has stopped working. He has no motivation to do anything but watch TV. It seems like our family's life is on hold. I want my husband back. When will these symptoms completely disappear and when will he sleep again without meds. I am also concerned that he will get addicted to Ambien and Clonidine etc. Is there anything we can do? Since it has been almost a month off suboxone, should I be concerned something else is going on like a physical illness? It just seems like after 25 days, he should not be having anymore symptoms. Any suggestions or thoughts?