She got put on this pill on about the 20-24th of July. She left to California on the 26th and we had sex on the 25th. We were worried because there is a conspiracy that the birth control doesnt work until a month after first using. Time went on and we waited and she eventually got her period, but with that i wasn't too worried because i didn't cum in her. Okay so she was in Cali until the 7th of September and didn't have sex since that one time in July. So we finally decided to have sex on 22nd, but the problem was i cummed in her. I am worried because she said she been feeling sick every night since thursday but she never was late on a pill and only missed once which was went she wasn't sexually active while she was in California and she followed the 2 in one day procedure. So i am worried, do you think she could still be pregnant regardless of the fact that she has been pretty efficient with taking the pill? please write back, ty.