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Is MS Contin ( Morphine Sulfate) an opioid pain releiver?

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how long 5 May 2010

Yes it is! It is an Extended Relief opioid pain reliever. It is probably the Weaker of all the opioids. Maybe someone will comment a little more on it. Hope this helps!

christineATU 6 May 2010

You're on too low a dose. Make an appointment with your doc and discuss an increase asap.

Z. 4 Nov 2011

I am new to this message board and would like to ask a question. Like everyone here, I have daily pain that i'm dealing with. I am on Oxycodone Acetaminophen 10-325, every 4 hours as needed f/p and Morphine SULF 15mg cr, every 12 hours. My question is, has anyone ever had chest pain of any sort with taking these meds? I was recently put on the Morphine tab and it seems to help me some, although I am afraid of becoming addicted. I know that I can not stand the pain without meds and I'm sure that is a silly question!

I'm glad to have found this forum and greatly appreciate any feedback. I have several more questions, but will ask later!


JeffreyMaurer 22 Dec 2011

Welcome Z, as for worrying about becoming addicted be very careful with your pain meds,most are highly addictive and if you start abusing them your really trading one problem for another. On the other hand if taken as prescribed they can be very helpful. Good luck and keep us posted.

christineATU 5 May 2010

MS Contin is an opioid pain reliever. They work quite well (in my opinion) if you are on the right dosage. I believe they range from 15 or 30mg up to 200mg. I may be wrong on that. Personally, depending on the severity of your pain, the mid to upper range dose is best. Lower doses may require a med for "breakthrough" pain. Hope this helped.

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how long 6 May 2010

Christine is right about the dosage. I am on 15mg 2x a day with 10mg percocet 3x a day for BT pain and it doesn't help me one bit. Everyone is different though and your body may metabolize it better than mine? Good luck!

christineATU 6 May 2010

how long... where's the cute lion face?? Awww, I miss it! Are you a big guy? Opioid tolerant? You probably need an increase in your dosage. It's a good med, at the right dosage. 15mg is the lowest dose available. I would ask your doc for an increase, no doubt about it.
Good luck to you,

how long 7 May 2010

christineATU, Whada ya think? Should I switch it back? I was just having some fun with the faces. I picked the lion any how because I am a Leo!

ArlenRThomas 22 Feb 2011

Wow - If your doctor failed to explain this basic fact to you - get another Doctor,. Another option is the fascinating invention call the computer - and its pal the internet. Google answers even the dumbest questions...

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