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Is MS Contin 100mg. stronger than Roxicodone 30mg.? I switched pain meds. and the MS isn't working?

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DzooBaby 7 Dec 2011

Yes, it is stronger but MSContin is a long acting drug and Roxicodone is a short acting drug. Short acting drugs flood the receptors causing a euphoric effect or a "rush" per say. MSContin activates the receptors a little slower and steadier so you dont get that rush of euphoria. Many folks who are used to short acting drugs look for that effect to tell them the drug is working so when they go to a long acting drug and dont feel it, they begin to think the drug isnt working. You also need to give a long acting drug a little time to build up to therapeutic levels in your blood and this can take a few days. Be sure you are taking MSContin as directed. It is usually given every 12 hours and should be taken regardless of pain. Roxicodone is usually given to take when you have pain or what medical folks say is on a PRN, or "as needed" basis. MSContin is given by the clock, not as needed. This helps that blood level to build and will help keep pain levels more evenly relieved. Do follow your Drs instructions though if he/she has told you to take it differently. Give the MSContin at least a week to work before you give up. Be sure you are judging it by your pain levels and not by whether or not you feel the euphoric effects. Hope this helps you to understand the difference in the two medications a bit and adjust your expectations accordingly. free discount card

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