Have a new pain specialist who decided since the patch isn't helping like it seemed to 4 months ago that she would switch me to MSContin or Morphin Sulfate 30 mg twice a day, and keep me on Oxycodone APAP 7.5 mgs 3 times a day. I am not feeling any change in pain other than it was so much better with te patch just didn't seem to last as long as when I started it. I get that nasty drug high or something (people can tell) on the Morphine, I don't like that feeling! I feel like I've been cheated or something with the switch. I haven't gotten any decent sleep for almost a month, which is messing up te primary progressive MS so basically my quality of life sucks worst than I have ever remembered it. One thing the doctor said befoer switcing was "if this doesn't help then I don't know what we can do for you" Oh break my heart Not her please not another one.. I do't know how much longer I can survie both mentally and physically this time. I can't handle anymore doctors games.

What do you all think? What or how should I go about talking to her about this switch ( I was sot of hoping this would of worked, I always had trouble keeping the patch stuck!)

I guess witout decent sleep etc I am thinking I have been done another injustice.

Em Oh, I have PPMS, severe osteoarthritis in the lower lumbar, thoracic spine area and lesions in bad places on my spine. I have other medical dx's but thoe are the two that play a big factor in my pain.