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Is metroplol a high dose at 50 mg 3 times daily and I don't have high blood pressure?

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Thor283 19 Oct 2011

I think so. Why are you taking so much? It's also used to regulate the heart rhythm, and when used for this your dose may not be so high. I hope you're doing this with a doc. Heart issues are not something you should try and deal with on your own.

pup6767 19 Oct 2011

No Blanch... this is not a high dose at all... it is right in the dose range for Metoprolol... also called Lopressor, is in the class called a Beta blocker... it is used for hypertension, supraventricular arrythmias and for tachycardia (a fast heart rate)--- really fast and intermittent. Beta blockers are also used for prevention of migraines... usually 50-100 mg. Twice a day.
Beta blockers lower the heart rate significantly to around 50 beats per minute to be effective in addition to other physiologic changes that are meant to treat certain cardiac conditions. They are also used for stage fright and anything that causes the sympathetic nervous system to go into an increased mode.
I have given you probably WAY more info than you ever wanted... but... there you go...
BTW... if not for hypertension... for what are you using it? Migraines? None of my business... curious I guess... but also to see if I could help you some more... be well... free discount card

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