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Is Methodone and Percocet both Opiates? And if they are is it bad to take them together?

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Inactive 20 Sep 2010

Methadone is an long acting pain med and only in rare cases will a doctor prescribe both for a couple of reasons. Methadone is an opiate blocker, so, it will block the effect or the opiate. Even though it blocks the effect of the opiate( high) a person can still OD, they both still will suppress the central nervous system enough to cause respiratory failure. Methadone is usually tapered up, to reduce the pain level, not prescribed at a high dose at first unless it is needed. Methadone users should NOT drink alcohol, take benzo tranquilizers, muscle relaxers or any other medication that causes sedation UNLESS they are Prescribed or Approved by the doctor who prescribed the Methadone. There are cases where a condition may warrant a doctor prescribing both, but it is not common. free discount card

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