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Is methadone good for rds?

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patrickaaron 4 Nov 2010

What are the symptoms of RDS? Sometimes doctors offer methadone as a painkiller and it has the same properties as other opioids and taps the same receptors in your brain. Methadone is also used as a replacement in Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) programs as an alternative to heroin, oxycontin, morphine, fentanyl, etc., etc., etc.
If you plan on taking methadone for pain you should be warned that it is very addictive and is relatively hard to stop using quickly. A slow reduction in size of dose over a long period of time is best I find.
I hope this answer helps.

zzfrank 11 Jul 2011

Have used methadone, in the past, it is effective, yet i stopped using it because of the side effect of feeling like i had just downed 3 drinks. all the time, i don't drink because i don't like that feeling.

it is about 95% cheaper than morphine, or ox y.

make sure your dr. puts on the prescription, that it is for pain, so if you get pulled over the police won't think it is for the most know use, detox
let me know if this is enough info free discount card

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