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Is methadone considered a opiate also is oxycodone considered an opiate?

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Inactive 10 Jan 2012

karmalee, if your new, welome to the family!!! and the answers to both your questions are yes. methadone and oxycodone(percocet) is an opiate. if you dont mind, whay are you asking?leanne

karmalee 11 Jan 2012

i was asking because i have been on oxycodone for 1yr and i moved to a new town and switched drs when i went to see new dr they decided to put me on methadone for longterm chronic pain but to be able to give methe meds i had to sign a pain contract which was fine but they also gave me a ua and they tested it right there and the dr said i came back with opiates in my system i said that wasnt that because of the oxycodone im on and she said no that it wouldnt comke up as that so then she said she had to send my urine off to have it further tested and that she was only gonna give me 2wks worthof perscription and then i was to come back in two weeks and we would go from there. I thought oxycodone was an opiate so im not sure why shes f***ing with me.

karmalee 11 Jan 2012

oh yea and thanks for welcoming me to the family...

Inactive 11 Jan 2012

oxycodone is an opiate so don't undertand why she is questiioning it! I am giving you a line, & I think you should copy it & take it with you in 2 weeks to show it to her if she gives you an flack about it. It is below... Mary

Inactive 11 Jan 2012

I dont know where your new dr got her lisence, but she obviously missed something in med school . Is it pissible to find another dr who's not sn air head?

kittycatgirl2 10 Jan 2012

Yes they are both opiates free discount card

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