My old pain doc closed down. (DEA investigation) I was taking 200 mg of Methadone per day 50mg 4x per. I also took Soma 4x a day, and Neurontin 3x. I had to find a new pain management doc quickly. This new doctor is very opinionated, and said methadone is a deadly poison and has no use. She also said Soma has no medical use. I am stuck in a detox and in constant pain. This woman told me to look up the details of methadone on the web. Any site that condemns it is trying to sell a detox. Any site trying to sell something I have a hard time taking seriously. My old treatment worked. I was hit by a truck in 2003, and have a history of injuries such as falls, and an electrical burn. I was sent for annual EKGs to check the T wave echo, and had to give lots of drug screens, blood work, etc. A neurologist diagnosed the Neuropathy. Is this new doctor right in her treatment or should I find another. So far this is not working. I tried the Suboxone thing, and I shall never do that again. I am stressed out and have no records to take to a new doctor. My old ones were seized by the DEA. I doubt I will see them again. Now I am having withdrawal symptoms and have to run all over town gathering records from everyone who ever even took my temperature. Some have moved across town. This whole thing is BS. Was my old treatment a farce? I felt good enough to try starting a small business, and have a patent in development stages. Before I was bed ridden.