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Is Marijuana addicting? My husband has a problem and denies he does. He can't go without marijuana?

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Rajive Goel 6 Jul 2010

Yes it is, please request him to stay away from it.

oceanblueyes71 7 Jul 2010

I have. It doesn't seem to matter to him what I say or how I feel.

satalite44 13 Jun 2011

when he wants to he will i did

christineATU 6 Jul 2010

It can be addicting but from what I've seen, it's easier to quit smoking weed than coming off of pills or other stronger substances.

Inactive 6 Jul 2010

Chris is correct. Wanted to add though that i had smoked marijuana for 15 years straight there wasnt a day that went by that i didnt have a bag on me. After smoking all that time it was tough but you dont get withdraws like pills do to you. Once you do stop smoking after all that time though it takes about almost 3 months to get it out of your system. Tell your husband to grow up and quit the pot. Good luck to you and your husband. I am one year clean now and it feels awesome after being stuck to pot all that time it was taking over my life i couldnt go any where without having one on me.

christineATU 6 Jul 2010

Congrats on the one year clean!!

oceanblueyes71 7 Jul 2010

Congrats on being clean. I'll bet you do feel great. I've talked to my husband about his habit and told him how it makes me feel. He makes promises and doesn't keep them. As soon as opportunity arrises, he is at it again and comes up with excuses, like he is a grown man. I tell him grown men don't act this way. I had a problem with cocaine when we met. He told me he hated the drug and wouldn't stay with me if this was a lifestyle I would continue, due to a past he had, that was difficult, because of cocaine. I've reminded him that I quit and changed my life for him and he says cocaine is worse and isn't even comparable to pot. I feel like that is an assinine comment and told him so. I stopped for him, no questions. I fell in love and that over powered my addiction. You would think he would give me the same respect. But he says things like,"I don't need a boss telling me what to do." Just seems to be a one way street.

marjorie zych 6 Jul 2010

Yes my dear it is and it sounds like he is hooked and you may need to put your foot down if you want it to stop. You need to figure out what you want to handle and what you don't, let him know and then see what happens. Good luck my friend, marjorie zych

oceanblueyes71 7 Jul 2010

Thank you so much. I will not give up. So far I have told him how I feel. He makes promises, then breaks them. He says things like he doesn't need a boss, or he's a grown man. Of course I told him that real grown men don't do this. Just seems like his way or no way. Very frustrating. :(

marjorie zych 7 Jul 2010

Well my dear sounds like you may need to make a choice. Hate to be the one who says it but sounds like he made his so it all depends on what you can handle. Feel free to ask for support here alot of us have been there too on both sides of the table too there is alot of good people here so hang tough my friend good people don't deserve this kind of treatment. Good luck my dear, marjorie zych

Inactive 7 Jul 2010

I can become a habit or like beer, coffee, soda pop, chewing gum

relastic 24 Jul 2013

i think she should think about smoking it with him, go on a date, smoke and go see a funny movie and bond. then with noth in use of it it will be easier to control.

triximm 20 Jul 2010

I can only give you my personal experience and say that some people have more addictive tendencies than others. I used pot for at least five years daily every morning before work..two joints,,more at break time and all through the day till bedtime and really liked being stoned for just about any activity. When my man asked to move in with me, he said I would have to stop because it would not be right to smoke with his infant daughter in the house, so I agreed to stop and did. I stopped completely the day he moved in and only thought about it but never really felt like I had to have it. The more time that went by, the less I thought about it, and that was fifteen years ago. In the past year I have tried it again when I was alone and felt really paranoid. I have pain 24/7 and thought it might help but couldn't really say it did.

oceanblueyes71 22 Jul 2010

Thank you for sharing that with me. Congrats on being clean for so long, but I'm sorry to hear you are in pain all the time. Things are getting better with my husband and I. I have only been honest about the way I feel from day one. I keep hoping and praying he can put this habit down and we can go back to living the life God wants us to live.

resa83 2 Aug 2010

Your husband may have something else going on that he isn't aware of or you. He may have depression, anxiety, adhd etc. I recently went to the dr. and was honest about smoking marijuana and she suggested i had adhd, anxiety. PPL who often have a disorder of some type often have a substance abuse problem. just a thought for you... (btw i do have adhd and anxiety)

Sacosam 23 Aug 2010

Hi resa83; It's getting to where drs. will say anything to get you on a couple of good money drugs... watch out resa, the ol' Saco instincts are kickin' on... it's too easy ! ! Mr. Sacosam... again? I did it again? ooooohhh!

Eight 14 Oct 2010

Technically speaking, No it is not. No physical addiction has ever been recorded even in users who have smoked marijuana for 20+ years multiple times a day.

A mental addiction however, is possible. Basically this means that he wants Marijuana, so his mind is telling his body he needs Marijuana rather than his body telling his mind... In reality there is no addiction.

Cocaine would be a physical addiction just to compare...

As long as he wants to quit, or decides to quit, it will be a piece of cake. No withdrawals except mentally.

doglover44 7 May 2011

I smoked heavily daily two joints before work and on throughout the day. One day I decided to stop to please my partner, and I was able to do so without physical withdrawal. I thought about it but moved on, so no, it is not addiction like pain pills etc. I know it wasn't in my case. free discount card

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