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Is loss of or thinning of hair a common side effect of topiramate?

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dr. j deese 15 May 2010

A loss of or thinning hair is not connected to topiramate (topamax). Are you experiencing this side effect because as a doctor I have never seen this before from taking this particular medication.

n2no 20 May 2010

Yes, I am. I thank you for your response. I'll continue to research the other drugs I'm taking to try to find the culprit.

scubabee 25 Jul 2011

I am a user of Topiramate. I am a 40 year old male, take 50 mg daily and have been doing so for about 9 months. I had heard that hair loss was a side effect of this drug and have read many female users complain of this side effect on this and other message boards. However, I haven't heard many male users voice this complaint. I have noticed increased hair loss ever since I began taking Topiramate, however, as a 40 year old male, it is possible that the hair loss is due to my age and gender and not the medication. I would be curious to hear from any doctors or other male users about their opinions and experiences.

mrhotel_ca 5 Dec 2011

I am a 57 year old male and have been taking Topamax for almost 12 years for migraine. At one time I was taking 300mg a day and am now taking 200mg. I have not lost hair from my head but I have lost all the hair on my legs.

The Grapes 24 Aug 2016

My doctor warned me it would happen and it most surely did. My once thick beautiful hair is now pathetically thin.

The Grapes 24 Aug 2016

Yes, it is. It's extremely common and as a physician you should warn your patients ahead of prescribing it for them.
There are umpteen testimonies on different threads all over the internet- including my own experience.
Just because it's not written down in the list of side effects, does not make it any less true - it's all too true for hundreds of us. Thousands, perhaps.
I lost Half my hair thanks to Topamax.
Hair loss from this drug is a Vicious Side Effect.
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