Is little much in taper? Has any considered this? Jump at 2mgs easier?I have always heard little is much with Suboxone, and I tend to agree.When I was expeirementing with suboxone, before I went and got my on script.I would split the pills into 4 or 5 pieces. Then when I went for detox and script they started me out on 32mgs which I dropped down to 16mgs and then 12mgs and now I on 10mgs which is still really a high dose of Sub.Anyway being little is much.I was thinking maybe it would be best to take a hike From 2mgs instead of waiting till 0.5 mgs? It seems to me that dose,for one thing is gonna be hard to get accurate and another is the lower you get the more energy you get? I hear alot of sleepyness and agitation and such which sounds as if you kinda getting all pumped up here,right before a dive? Could that not contribute to later feeling so much fatique as you were so pumped up right atthe end? Also what about muscle pain,not leg twicthes not bouncing up and down,I mean deep muscle spasms accompianed with severe muscle pain? Has anybody tryed on here to jump at a higher dose because little is much? which is worst? Maybe I should have split this question up?