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Is Laser the best treatment for molluscum contagiosum ?

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aflorendo 2 Dec 2009

I know that you are desperate to find a cure for molluscum contagiosum. Trust me I have been there. My son had them for almost 2 years. They seemed to be getting worse with the swelling, redness and weeping. I took him to a dermatologist and they said the best thing to do is to leave them alone. He said that the symptoms did not indicate infection but that his body was finally building immunity and fighting off the mc virus. My son was very embarassed but we took the doctors advice. Not 3 months later they started going away one by one. The virus has left some small scarring but I believe that the scarring would be much worse if we tried to fight them from the outside in.

I would suggest that you see a dermatologist. They do have other options that are more aggresive than just waiting it out, but seek advice from a doctor. Laser was never mentioned as an alternative but some topical creams were.

keem 2 Dec 2009

Thanks alot for your answer, I visited the dermatologist for the first time with my 5 years old son who is infected with MC in his arm and some in his back, he didn't allow the dermatologist to touch him and so I choosed to leave it to time to be cured. Now I am infected too!! but this time in my face and I can't wait for long to get rid of it and I am scared to have more and more. That's why I am searching for the best cure . Tomorrow I will have an appointment with the dermatologist to see my face and advice me. By the way, my son is infected for 6 month so far and I use nothing for Mc as topical creams , if you tried any and helped you to cure it or at least not to get more spots, please write them for me and I will check with my dermatologist. Thanks again. free discount card

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