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Is klonopin a narcotic?

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Anonymous 9 Sep 2010


No , it is a benzodiazepine.-

Take care

alan194 1 Dec 2010

Sorry , But to that question about klonopin , clonazepam being a narcotic . Yes it is a Narcotic . Gosh you have too sign a form too get this medication. and yes it's a Benzo , But you show me one person in this world that Being Legal , that doe's not have a script for Klonopin -Clonazepam , this drug is used for mant other thing's than just a anxiety -panic drug . It is used for about 6-7 different thing's my doc advised me ...
so too your ? , All Benzo's are Narcotic med's , unless not wrote out by a doctor pa pa-c etc . Benzo's are abused now days , thats why the people that really need them , have a heck of a time talking too there doctor and saying ( Hey Doc ) im not one of them junkie's . But too your question Benzo's are Narcotic's...

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