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Is it typical for a doctor to prescribe more than 30mg of adderall in one day... 45mg?

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Inactive 12 Jun 2010

It is if its the instant release that only lasts 4 hours at a time. If it is the adderall xr then no that is not normal.

Inactive 15 Jun 2010

My son actually takes the adderall medication and i was told by his doctor he can only take it once a day due to the fact that he would be up all night to the next day if he took two doses a day. She will not allow more than one a day cause i told her that after he gets home from school the medication has worn off cause it only lasts 10 to 12 hours. She said that i would have to just deal with it because she will not prescribe more than one a day so no it is not normal to take more than one a day. My son takes the adderall xr the instant release lasts for 4 hours only so yes it would make sense then that you would have to take more than one a day.

natty bumpo 13 Jun 2010

All that I've read (which is quite a bit) indicates: a) that the "official" maximum daily dose of Adderall (doesn't matter if it is IR or XR) is 60 mg., but that b) clinical trials using M.A.S. (Adderall) frequently go higher than 60 mg. per day in order to achieve optimal response.

So 30 mg is smack-dab in the middle of the official recommended range. I don't think there's any "typical" dose, as response to this type of med is variable not only between individuals, but also within the same individual both day-to-day and over time. free discount card

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