In a business column I found the following: "The drugmaker’s Global Human Health President Kenneth Frazier told CNBC that the company won’t pull cholesterol pills Vytorin and Zetia off the market after a study that found they didn’t reopen clogged arteries as well as Abbott Laboratories’ Niaspan."

It called my attention because, up until now, the only remediation available for clogged arteris was either the use of stents or a full by-pass surgery, either with one's veins or dacron/teflon replacements. I suffer from arterosclerosis, and though I lost 26 pounds, and keep my blood cholesterol and tryglicerydes-free, I still suffer from claudication.

If there's a doc out there who would like to share his expertise in the area I would be very grateful.

Thank you,
Jorge Yatim