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Is it true that the more weight the quicker theweight loss?

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harriet1 25 Oct 2009

Unfortunately, that is not really the case. I am assuming you mean the more weight you have to lose, the quicker it will come off? That really doesn't have a bearing on it at all.

With all the "breakthroughs" in weight loss, it really is a matter of how many calories you eat vs. how many you burn over time. With a very few exceptions (thyroid, for example) this is true in most everyone. Dieting doesn't really work, either. It should become a lifestyle change, and one that lasts as long as you want to last yourself.

What research does show us, is that the more slowly the weight comes off, the more likely it is that you will keep it off. More likely, it is because you are changing your way of life and eating habits, and not "yo-yo" dieting to get it off which will only bring it right back.

Here are a few tips I've learned (I've lost 120 pounds) --
--Limit meat. Get your protein from healthy soy and other beans. It will bring your cholesterol down, give you tons of energy and help you exercise.
--Exercise! Research shows that if you do something everyday for 29 days, it becomes a habit. Habits are VERY hard to break! Walk every day, rain or shine, get a treadmill, do something that gets your heartrate up, and you will increase your metabolic rate, start a habit that you might not be able to break, and lose weight rapidly! Also--if you exercise to music, you are 80% more likely to do it again!!
--Learn the TRUE size of a serving! Most people think whatever they put on their plate is a serving! One serving of meat is thinly sliced and the size of the palm of your hand! Bread is only 1 slice, and a sandwich is automatically 2 servings. We start out behind in our meal plans if we don't know how much we are eating.
--Keep a food diary. NO FAIR CHEATING!! Write down EVERY BITE you put into your mouth. Seriously. Even gum. Regular gum has 15 calories!! Once you do this a week or so, you will be astonished at what you actually put in your mouth and don't even realize it!!

Another thing that is really, really helpful: Weight Watchers. I didn't stay with it as long as I should have, but they are great for teaching things like serving sizes, cooking tips and recipes and offering support and rewards and why you should journal. They used to be really difficult to maintain, but their system now is simple to follow, inexpensive and great for support.

Good luck. You are going to feel great! (Oprah showed what 30 pounds of fat looked like, piled in a wagon. Wow. Imagine that, and you not having to carry that around with you all the time!! Amazing... ) free discount card

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