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Is it true that if you take levothroid if your TSH is high and T4 low, it kills your thyroid?

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suzanne66 16 Mar 2010

No. In general high TSH levels usually means you have an underactive thyroid and therefore low T4 levels... so you will benefit by taking levothyroid.

This link explains it all: - after reading thoroughly scroll down to "To Recap"

Pipi 18 Mar 2010

Thanks, suzanne66. I'm just afraid of having to take it for the rest of my life... somewhere I read that because your natural thyroid becomes "lazy" after taking it for a while you can't get off of it. It is now my week 3, and I am currently having ups and downs with my energy levels and I sweat so much more than I used to. Seems like I get hot flashes and I get sweaty, then cold at night. I guess I'll have to wait till my blood gets drawn in 4 weeks to see what's happening or how I feel. I AM losing some of the sudden weight gain though. free discount card

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