I have been taking anti dep meds on and off for a few years but recently been on fluoxetine for about a year now. I have been dealing with the pain of a miscarrage a few years ago along with all the usual rubbish childhood/rubbish parents that so many people have been through! I started using recreational drugs and that was of course a downward spiral but for the last 6mths i have been working really hard to stay clean and away from the bad crowds iwas in. But recently all i have wanted to do is drink and get high. I get angry at friends that show their concern and offer help and just tell them i am fine. and the thought of going towork and pretending just makes it worse. I dont want to do this anymore, i know i can do better than this but it just seems like the easiest way to deal with it. All i can say is when i am drunk, high or both it doesnt hurt anymore. Could the fluoxetine be doing more harm than good now???