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Is it the dentist or the dental assistants responsibility to choose the anesthetic for the patient?

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suzanne66 9 Nov 2010

If you are just having a simple dental procedure and want to numb the tooth then it is the dentists responsibility to choose the correct medicine and dose etc - the assistant can assist but it is ultimately the dentists responsibility.

If you are having more major surgery and need to be put to sleep then an anesthetist will be in charge.

marjorie zych 9 Nov 2010

suzanne66 is correct it is the Dentist or Anesthetist that is certified in that descision but the hygenisist can assist. Good luck, marjorie zych

Thank you. I had a dentist blame me for putting the wrong anesthetic in the syringe after he told me that is the one he uses because it did not have epinephrine in it First of all, I was a temp and never worked with him and secondly, the patient had a medical alert; he should have checked it before he injected her. Thank God nothing serious happened. Thank you.

marjorie zych 10 Nov 2010

Your welcome. You did what you were told and it is ultimately the dentist that needs to double check meds given, take care, marjorie zych free discount card

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