JjAbout two or three years ago I was physically and mentaly addicted to xanax bars taking anywere from 4-10mgs a day for roughly about a year, then one day I decided I would try to quit cold turkey because nobody told me about the horrible withdraws I basically went insane, extreme hallucinations, blacking out, vomiting vile, extremly vivid nightmares, the usual symptoms only ten fold, then one night it got real bad and I could swear I was dying, fast, so I finally came out to my dad and told him that I had been taking xanax everyday and I needed to go to the hospital when I got there I said I think Im having a heart attack the lady up front asked if I was on anything and I told her I had been taking xanax bars everyday for about a year (probably ten months) she just asked if Iwas prescribed to them I said no (cuz im not and am broke so I cant afford to have my anxiety treated and dont have medicaid so I treated it myself >:) she said uh oh and called the doctors and they asked how I felt I said I felt like I was having a heart attack and all the other symptoms I was having, they said I was having a panic attack but this was no panic attack, I was trying to maintain conciousness but couldnt and would black out like every 20 min so long story short they had to hold me in restraints for four days while I detoxified, when I was finally able to control my body and mind the doctor told me that my toxicicty levels were through the roof when I came in and im very lucky I didnt die, I was extremly addicted to xanax and they nearly killed me which is a shame because I started takin them to cure my anxiety but now my anxiety is worse than ever, and all because I couldnt control myself, its been about two years and some stuff has come up and im really! Stressing, and I want to know is it safe for me to even try a little bit (.25) or could I succumb to siezures (i have a friend whos mom took .25 one day and had a siezure even though she had never taken them before) ill just be sure to not let myself get addicted like last time.