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Is it safe to take emetrol while pregnant in your third trimester?

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blaze22 12 Feb 2011

I have had 3 children and while pregnant a lot of my nausea was in the first two months, i was either prescribed a very low dosage of med that the fda of course claimed safe, but mostly I chose Dramamine, it is a little high in price for what you get but the effects are phenomenal... I still take it to this day, not emetrol, pepto-bismol, like drinking pink cement or maylox etc. obgyns have stated that it is safe for women who are pregnant in your trimester will not suffer any bad side effects or damage to the fetus from dramamine... but please re check info with your obgyn, note: this drug is intended for motion sickness you get from planes and cars... It comes in a very small white tube like bottle and I think you get 12 pills. Some stores it is under 5 dollars, however it may cause you to be drowsy, so start off with half see how it does and then move to a whole one...

LaurieShay 12 Feb 2011

Hey roxieann,

Always best to check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication. I looked up both medicines and dramamine is a category B for pregnancy meaning that there were no tetragonecity issues (did not cause problems to lab animals) but pregnant humans are not tested in these studies. Emetrol has no listing. So point being check with the doctor or pharmacist, first!!

DzooBaby 15 Feb 2011

Ginger tea worked really well for me while I was pregnant. I got fresh ginger root and shredded it in water and boiled it then strained the ginger root and added a bit of sugar to taste and diluted it with a little more water and sipped on it for nausea. Be careful not to use much ginger because it can get too spicy hot. You can drink it either hot or iced. I was skeptic at first but was surprised at how well it worked. I used about a teaspoon of shredded root to 1-2 cups of water and boiled for 5-10 min then strained it and added another cup or two of water. You just have to kind of prepare it to taste. It works better than ginger ale because ginger ale doesnt have real ginger or in an amount to be therapeutic anymore. They use flavoring rather than ginger in most sodas. Nothing is worse than nausea! You dont have much longer to go and it will be all over and you will have that sweet little baby in your arms! free discount card

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